Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stand Our Ground~What is a Christian Man

     As the world changes and as we are constantly bombarded with standards that are not in  harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ,  we now more then ever need to "Stand Our Ground."  By standing our ground I mean staying true to what we know in our hearts to be true, no matter what the world is telling us and not being afraid to let others know  what we believe.  In the process we need to be respectful of others and choices they have made that might not be a good choice or one we would make.  I believe that we can "Stand Our Ground" and do so in a way that we can maintain respect for the belief of others.

     As Christian Men we especially need to "Stand Our Ground" on matters of the heart.  We need to stand tall and be examples of what and how True Christian Men are and stand for.   Just what is a Christian Man?  I will share with you my opinion of what I feel a Christian Man is.

#1  A Christian Man loves God,  he love the Savior of the World and is not afraid to let others know by word and especially by deed.  A Christian Man puts God first in all things and follows the teachings of the Savior at all cost, no matter what the world says or tells him to do.  God's laws do not change with the will and whim of men.  A Christian Man understands this  and follows the teachings of Christ even when it is hard and even when he does not fully understand why.  A Christian Man respects totally the beliefs of others and shows that by loving and understanding those around him.

#2 A Christian Man is a man that is comfortable with who he is and knows that he is created by a God that has created him for a specific purpose and mission.  He accepts his uniqueness as a gift from God and uses his gifts and talents to serve those around him.

#3  A Christian Man is not afraid of natural affection.  He is not afraid to express to those around him the love he has for them.  He does not let the world define how he should express love and affection to those around him.  He understands that men are meant to embrace and lift each other and that the love men share with each other can be a great blessing in his life.  A Christian Man desires healthy male relationships and works to develop them and he understands that the Savior has set no boundaries on how many or how deeply we can love other men as long as we keep it in harmony with his teachings.

#4 A Christian Man honors his body and desires to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ in keeping his thoughts and actions pure.  A Christian Man understands that by doing this we gain power and a greater ability to love and serve those around us.

#5 A Christian Man understands, even if he struggles with it, that we are men and as men we have a specific mission and as we seek the Savior's council we can come to understand our individual mission and purpose in life.  A Christian Man understands that life is full of challenges and no matter what the trial if we stay the course all will be well.  A Christian Man understands that is not easy and often times is painful especially when are fighting the Natural Man to remain faithful.

#6  A Christian Man above all else understands the Power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Meaning that no matter what the trail, no matter what the temptation, no matter how often we fall, that power of the Atonement can life us up and give us the strength to over come and understand the battles we face.  A Christian Man loves Jesus Christ and desires with all his heart to please him and follow him.   A Christian Man is a man who receives peace in a troubled world because he depends on a power that gives peace,  the Savior.

     I believe that as a Christian Man that has chosen to follow Jesus Christ I have the responsibility to stand up for truth and reach out of my comfort zone and lift those around me that are struggling and seeking greater peace.  Life is hard and we are faced with trials that test our will, but as we follow the Savior and lead others life can be filled with peace and joy and more important an understanding of who we are and our purpose here.   Stand tall Christian Men and lead the troubled world.  No we probably won't save the whole world, but we can make a difference.


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  1. I love this article! How I pray for all to stand our ground, not just men, but everyone! But my hope and prayers are especially for our youth. How desperately they need the Lord to give them supernatural strength and courage because they are getting hit with everything Satan can throw at them! And we, the older and hopefully wiser generation, MUST be there to give them all the moral support and strength needed to stand strong against the worsening degenerative peer pressure! May the Lord bless ALL of us!