Monday, April 20, 2015

Kneading Brotherhood, A New Approach to Men to Men Relationships

     I am baker at heart.   I love everything about making bread,  from the feel of the dough to forming loaves and the smell as it bakes in the oven and of course who does not love the taste of fresh baked bread right out of the oven.  It is an amazing thing when you think about it, the bueaty of fresh baked bread.   Simple ingredients and a little mixing, and some patience and the result if food that taste and smells like it comes directly from heaven.  

     For the past year and a half I have been working with men who struggle with forming healthy man to man relationships, from SGA to homophobic men,  from men who are jocks to feminine, I have discovered that most men no matter where they are in life need other men in their lives.  It is just a plain and simple fact we need each other.  Some more then others and in a variety of many different ways.  

     The huge problem in today's world is that we have no idea how to make and keep these amazing relationships with everything that we are being bombarded with.  We have do idea how to develop healthy clean uplifting relationships with other men.  By that I mean having a man friend that is not a sex partner.  Having a man friend that is a huge part of your life in a very intimate personal way that builds and lifts without having inappropriate sexual relations.  Inappropriate would simply mean doing anything that is contrary to God's law.  I don't need to go into detail about that here, but I think you know what I mean.  

     In the process of working with these amazing men, I have developed a seminar to help men get on track.  It is a one night event called Kneading Brotherhood.  I have taken my passion for baking bread and developed a wonderful insightful evening designed to help men understand just who they are are how they can develop meaning healthy relationships with other men.  

     The course starts out by all attending making bread by hand and as it progresses they are taught principles and steps about how to develop great healthy male relationships.  

The course outlines some of the following topics.

     Who am I really...
     Same Gender Attraction,  how to deal with those feelings in today's world.
     Appropriate Touch
     Connecting with others.
     Man's Body

The course is taught in such a way that that those attending leave knowing exactly how to make bread, and they leave with a greater understanding about men relationships and how to develop them. 

 I have had great success this past year in teaching these principles and am so excited to offer this Amazing Seminar.  

The class includes a bread bucket, a Danish dough hook, batch of bread dough, laminated recipes and the lamenated steps to building healthy relationships with others.  

The cost in only $300 per person and only six to eight men are allowed to attend each seminar  The cost also includes one, one hour, one on one session with me after they have attended the course.  My normal coaching rate is $100 per hour.  

You can email me at  if you or someone you know is interested in attending this seminar.  A Kneading Brotherhood Seminar is a Life Changing Event.  

The First 8 people who respond will receive a $75 discount.  The first class will be on Wednesday night May 6th.  

Have a Joyous Day~Brad

If you are interested in attending a Kneading Brotherhood Seminar or just want more information our contact information is on the side bar.   If you have personal stories or questions you can e-mail me at the same address.  

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Monday, April 13, 2015

I AM NOT GAY....But....

     My daughter last night told me she was talking with a friend and the friend asked her "Is your father gay?".  Needless to say my daughter was shocked.  The friend told her that is the rumor going around, that her dad is gay.  He said it had something to do with a blog or something like that.  My sweet daughter kindly informed him that no, her Dad was not gay.  She said that he was a kind man and yes he did love other men, but mostly assuredly he was not gay.

     If the story stopped or started there it would be fine, but as it continues,  my wife get comments from long term friends with statements like "I knew your husband was gay" or " Is Brad gay and how are you with that".  Or people will tell me that their first impression of was that I was gay. Amazing that people can assume so much from statements made, first impressions, rumors,  or titles off my Blog.

     It is obvious to me that they have never taken the time to read the entire blog and really don't know me at all.  If they had read the blog or knew me, they would understand and realize that I am not a Gay man.  It is obvious to me that they are part of that judgmental closed-minded group of people that assume if you don't fit the norm of what a man should be you must be Gay.

    Wake up world.  That is part of the problem.  What gives you the right to place names on people because they don't fit your mold?  Cannot a man voice personal feelings of tender feelings towards another man and not be labeled Gay?  Where is it written that if a man loves another man that he must be Gay?   Why can two women have a tender relationship and it is considered normal, but if two  men desire a more personal intimate friendship they are considered Gay or something is wrong with them.

Cannot a man be tender?
Cannot a man be sensitive?
Cannot a man be feminine?
Cannot a man hug another man?
Cannot a man embrace another man?
Cannot a man crave friendship with another man?
Cannot a man be emotional?'
Cannot a man be not be a jock?
Cannot a man love chick flicks?
Cannot a man cry in public?
Cannot a man need to be understood?
Cannot a man find another man attractive?
Cannot a man be attracted to another man?

    I say yes to all of the above.  They can do those and more and not be a Gay man.

A Gay man is a man who willingly participates in inappropriate sexual conduct with another man.  PERIOD

With that definition,  I AM NOT A GAY MAN.  I have no desire to have that type of relationship with another man.

Just in case you have not read my blog is it all about creating healthy relationships with men.  It is about teaching men who struggle Same Gender Attraction and don't know what to do.  It's about men who just want healthy friendships with other men and don't quit know what to do.  Does that mean I am Gay because I see and understand a need in our society?  Evidently it does or so it would seem by the comments of some.

Please find out all the facts before you label anyone.  Regardless of whether it has to do with SGA, or any other things you might not understand.  We have to be cautious as we judge others.  Feelings can be tender and bruised easily by words or actions spoken in hast without knowing all the facts and the person.

On a better note,  thanks to all of you who understand and support what I am doing and have taken the time to read my blog or simply ask me where I stand.  I appreciate your support and love.

Have a great day.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

JADE Meeting, What is a JADE meeting?

    A little over a year ago we created JADE, Jonathan and David Experience, with the hopes of reaching out and helping all men create healthy man to man relationships.  The meeting is designed from those struggling with Same Gender issues to men who just don't know how to create healthy friendships and feel a need for that in their lives.  Our goal from the beginning to be a support for all men has not changed,  if anything our commitment has increased and our desire grown.

     Over this past year I have learned so much that it would be impossible to put in all down.  I would have to say that the most important thing I have learned is the basic inborn desire all men have to connect with other men.   The need arises from all different reasons and causes.  But no matter where is comes from or what the reason, men need other men in their lives.

     Our goal at JADE is to help men understand how to create those meaningful relationships and still stay focused on Christ.  I have come to understand that what the world is teaching is false and wrong.  They declare that men are meant to fulfill what ever the desire or need,  but as we understand Christ and his teachings we are to keep all desires within the bonds he has set.  As we do so we can find comfort and safety.  That does not mean we do not develop deep meaningful relationships with men.  I have learned and know it to be true that men can love each other deeply and learn to express that love to each other and never have to follow what the world is telling them to do.  Men can have meaningful deep loving relationships without sex or anything that would put in jeopardy their relationship with Christ.

     Each month we have a monthly meeting were we meet to discuss issues, support each other,  and learn better how to develop healthy relationships with other men.  I love these meetings and look forward to them each month and the association with men of integrity and strength.  These men all have different struggles,  like we all do,  and come to learn how to deal with them and to receive strength and support from other men who struggle.

      The meeting is open to all men who sincerely want to develop strong Christ like relationships with other men.  It is not a place to "hook up", but a place to meet and support.

     Often times we cook,  I have learned that we all love food and it is a great way to get to know each  other better.  We always have a lesson and we close with two activities that build and strengthen each other.

      I am inviting all men who feel the need to have healthy relationships with other men but don't understand how to do it in today's world that claims if we desire those type of relationships something must be wrong with us, to come and join us.  Come and learn what JADE is all about.  We meet every month on the first Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

You can email me at for more information.

Looking forward to  seeing you at a  future JADE meeting.

This month's meeting is an out side pizza party.

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