Monday, April 6, 2015

JADE Meeting, What is a JADE meeting?

    A little over a year ago we created JADE, Jonathan and David Experience, with the hopes of reaching out and helping all men create healthy man to man relationships.  The meeting is designed from those struggling with Same Gender issues to men who just don't know how to create healthy friendships and feel a need for that in their lives.  Our goal from the beginning to be a support for all men has not changed,  if anything our commitment has increased and our desire grown.

     Over this past year I have learned so much that it would be impossible to put in all down.  I would have to say that the most important thing I have learned is the basic inborn desire all men have to connect with other men.   The need arises from all different reasons and causes.  But no matter where is comes from or what the reason, men need other men in their lives.

     Our goal at JADE is to help men understand how to create those meaningful relationships and still stay focused on Christ.  I have come to understand that what the world is teaching is false and wrong.  They declare that men are meant to fulfill what ever the desire or need,  but as we understand Christ and his teachings we are to keep all desires within the bonds he has set.  As we do so we can find comfort and safety.  That does not mean we do not develop deep meaningful relationships with men.  I have learned and know it to be true that men can love each other deeply and learn to express that love to each other and never have to follow what the world is telling them to do.  Men can have meaningful deep loving relationships without sex or anything that would put in jeopardy their relationship with Christ.

     Each month we have a monthly meeting were we meet to discuss issues, support each other,  and learn better how to develop healthy relationships with other men.  I love these meetings and look forward to them each month and the association with men of integrity and strength.  These men all have different struggles,  like we all do,  and come to learn how to deal with them and to receive strength and support from other men who struggle.

      The meeting is open to all men who sincerely want to develop strong Christ like relationships with other men.  It is not a place to "hook up", but a place to meet and support.

     Often times we cook,  I have learned that we all love food and it is a great way to get to know each  other better.  We always have a lesson and we close with two activities that build and strengthen each other.

      I am inviting all men who feel the need to have healthy relationships with other men but don't understand how to do it in today's world that claims if we desire those type of relationships something must be wrong with us, to come and join us.  Come and learn what JADE is all about.  We meet every month on the first Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

You can email me at for more information.

Looking forward to  seeing you at a  future JADE meeting.

This month's meeting is an out side pizza party.

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