Monday, April 20, 2015

Kneading Brotherhood, A New Approach to Men to Men Relationships

     I am baker at heart.   I love everything about making bread,  from the feel of the dough to forming loaves and the smell as it bakes in the oven and of course who does not love the taste of fresh baked bread right out of the oven.  It is an amazing thing when you think about it, the bueaty of fresh baked bread.   Simple ingredients and a little mixing, and some patience and the result if food that taste and smells like it comes directly from heaven.  

     For the past year and a half I have been working with men who struggle with forming healthy man to man relationships, from SGA to homophobic men,  from men who are jocks to feminine, I have discovered that most men no matter where they are in life need other men in their lives.  It is just a plain and simple fact we need each other.  Some more then others and in a variety of many different ways.  

     The huge problem in today's world is that we have no idea how to make and keep these amazing relationships with everything that we are being bombarded with.  We have do idea how to develop healthy clean uplifting relationships with other men.  By that I mean having a man friend that is not a sex partner.  Having a man friend that is a huge part of your life in a very intimate personal way that builds and lifts without having inappropriate sexual relations.  Inappropriate would simply mean doing anything that is contrary to God's law.  I don't need to go into detail about that here, but I think you know what I mean.  

     In the process of working with these amazing men, I have developed a seminar to help men get on track.  It is a one night event called Kneading Brotherhood.  I have taken my passion for baking bread and developed a wonderful insightful evening designed to help men understand just who they are are how they can develop meaning healthy relationships with other men.  

     The course starts out by all attending making bread by hand and as it progresses they are taught principles and steps about how to develop great healthy male relationships.  

The course outlines some of the following topics.

     Who am I really...
     Same Gender Attraction,  how to deal with those feelings in today's world.
     Appropriate Touch
     Connecting with others.
     Man's Body

The course is taught in such a way that that those attending leave knowing exactly how to make bread, and they leave with a greater understanding about men relationships and how to develop them. 

 I have had great success this past year in teaching these principles and am so excited to offer this Amazing Seminar.  

The class includes a bread bucket, a Danish dough hook, batch of bread dough, laminated recipes and the lamenated steps to building healthy relationships with others.  

The cost in only $300 per person and only six to eight men are allowed to attend each seminar  The cost also includes one, one hour, one on one session with me after they have attended the course.  My normal coaching rate is $100 per hour.  

You can email me at  if you or someone you know is interested in attending this seminar.  A Kneading Brotherhood Seminar is a Life Changing Event.  

The First 8 people who respond will receive a $75 discount.  The first class will be on Wednesday night May 6th.  

Have a Joyous Day~Brad

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