Monday, June 8, 2015

The Need for Positive Affirmations

Am I the only one who struggles with the need for affirmations? It really bothers me that in today's world we cannot and do not acknowledge the good around us.  What makes it so hard to tell someone about the good things we feel and think about them?  We are really good at finding the bad and pointing that out.  However, when it comes to telling someone they are good we don't do it, or if we do, it is infrequently done. 

It happens in all parts of our lives: From home to work, from church to eating out, we are quick to find fault.  It seems that we are the quickest to find the faults in those around us.  The closer we are to them the more relaxed we are at pointing out faults. 

I think that if we were as quick to point out the good we see, as we are in looking for the bad, that the good would be all we would see.  I can guess media has a huge part of that.  When was the last time you turned on the news and saw the reporter reporting on something really good that happened?  Wouldn't it be great if we could turn it on, and leave feeling uplifted and happy that there was some good in the world.  Instead we leave feeling we live in a terrible place filled with terrible people. It crushes our desires to even believe there is good in the world.  

It is time for a change and I believe that one person can make a huge difference in the world.  One voice can change a life and give others a better view of life.  So often we wait for someone to be nice to us first before we offer to be nice to them.  Folks here is the big news: We have to be the ones to start.  It has to come from us.  If we wait for others to do it,  we will wait forever.  We need to be the example and lift those around us with words of kindness and encouragement. 

The funny thing is it takes less effort to find the good than it does to find the bad around us.  We have to look for the bad.  It's like an intense hunting sport - constantly on the watch, constantly aware of everything around us, constantly looking for what is wrong,  always keeping the finger on the trigger so we will not miss an opportunity to shoot. And if we miss an opportunity, the hunt gets more intense until we finally find the target. And we don't just shoot once, we have to make sure we make the kill, so we keep shooting and shooting until what we have shot is not even recognizable anymore.  What a horrible way to live.

On the other hand, finding the good is like being in a dream bakery, where everywhere you turn you are faced with amazing possibilities.  The more you look the better it gets.  Your senses are overcome with goodness. When you finally choose one and take a bite your entire body is filled with joy and you can hardly wait to try another.  You leave feeling satisfied and content and everything in the world looks better and brighter. 

Positive Affirmations at work can change  the working environment.    I for one love them, and respond with the desire to be better and work harder for those around me.  Work is a hard thing anyway and when we know we are appreciated, we work harder.  I had an associate tell me once that if we constantly tell those around us they are doing good,  they will take advantage of me.  That may be true, but there is a way to control that, and it is by teaching and building at the same time.   I have found that if those we work with feel appreciated and valued they work harder and are more willing to listen when we do have problems.  If all we do is complain, when we try to say something good it is not even heard.  We have programed them to hear only bad.

Positive Affirmation sat home can create a place of peace and comfort.  I love to know I am loved and appreciated by those whom I serve the most.  It makes a huge difference in how I act and how they respond.  I am guilty of being quick to see the things not done.  I have noticed that when I take the time to notice and respond to the positive, life is sweeter.  Home should be the one place in the entire world were we feel completely loved and needed, and where we are constantly given affirmations that encourage us to move on.  The world is a hard place and there needs to be a sanctuary where we can feel safe and free from the negative.  When we are taught to make our homes a "Temple"  I think that means were we look only at the good in those that come there and lift them in all we say and do.

Positive Affirmations at church or in our worship are essential.  Isn't that one of the reasons we go to worship: to be lifted and receive the encouragement to take on another week? If we do not receive it at church it is probably because we are not giving it.  I have learned when we go to church the main purpose is to lift those around us.  They come to be lifted and strengthened.  When we take the time to lift them, we are lifted in the process. It's amazing how that works.  Lift others and you will be lifted. Empty our cups and they are filled to overflowing.  I have practice this over the years and it works.  Often times on Sunday I am worn out and broken from the hard week and I don't even want to go. I remember the reason, and that someone might need to be lifted and so I go.  Every single time I leave feeling better.  When we serve others we are lifted and edified.

Positive Affirmations in the world can make a difference.   Have you ever noticed how much better the service gets when you take the time to tell them about it.  Yes there are those times when you need to complain, but there are more times when you can say good things.  Remember everyone is in the same boat.  We are all trying to make it through, in spite of family issues, health issues, money issues, etc.  Really all everyone needs is a kind word.  Kind affirmations can change everything. If I go somewhere, when I get great service, I always take the time to tell them how good it is.  Even just a big friendly smile can change the day for someone.  Have you ever noticed that the moment you smile, you get one back.  Everyone is just waiting for kindness.  It seems in today's messaging society we are so quick to message or post or review and send it out to the world.  Most often these reviews are negative.  Sometimes it's needed, but I wonder how often those who post complaints so quickly do the same with things that are truly bad.  And what of those of us who never post? Maybe we should start a new trend:  Speaking out loudly about the good that happens.  

Positive Affirmations in our personal relationships can make a huge difference.  In fact that is what builds strong healthy relationships from family to friends, from coworker to just people on the street. when we use Positive Affirmations we change relationships in ways that we cannot even begin to comprehend or understand.  It's a great way to build and sustain real meaningful relationships.

I am POSITIVE that Positive Affirmations are the key to a happy life filled with joy and peace.  

Have a great day and remember to look for the good.  

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  1. Good post. Being objective can help a lot in our activities, it is a shame that some people only linger in the bad things of life. Here is some more info on the matter: Attract good energy .

  2. This is like the law of the harvest, what you reap is what you sow, we get what we send out. It is important to have that positive energy in all that we do and to remember to give others the benfit of the doubt and not judge a man, after all you have never walked in his shoes. Jonathan and David in the Bible had such a great love for each other, can't we be more like them everyday my brothers.