Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marriage Ordained of God

I love this photo.  It tells a great story.  I love how the Savior is surrounded by men.  I love the feeling of love that is between them, and how you can feel the Savior's love for them.  I appreciate the show of affection between the men and to those closest to the Savior.  I think this painting shows just how men can love each other, and how that love can be in harmony with the Savior and his teachings.  To me, he is the greatest example of all things and any time I have a question of what should be done, all I have to do is look to him and his life to know the answer.  There is no doubt in my mind of his love for other men and his compassion for men, no matter what they are struggling with.  I know he understands any and all trials and has compassion for what each of us struggles with.  I also know he set the perfect example and desires we follow his teachings, regardless of how hard it may be or what the world may say.  He has stated, "I am the light and the life."   He never justifies sin or moving from the path he declared for any reason.  

This past year has been one of learning and growth for me as I have opened my heart and have come to understand more and more about the struggles men have in our society.  I have learned to be more open and accepting of things that I do not often understand.  If we personally don't understand or have not dealt with that certain trial others are having, too often we can be judgmental and show a lack understanding for what others are going through.  Just because someone is struggling with something I cannot comprehend, it does not lessen the burden they carry.  In today's world we need to be more understanding and Christlike in our judgements.  Having said that there is a great difference in showing love and blindly accepting things.  We must be careful how we deal with differences.  We cannot for one moment lower our standards or accept the world's standards simply because they tell us we have to.  We can be loving and understanding, but that does not mean we have to lower our standards or change our beliefs.  we must ever remain strong and faithful and focused on what we believe: No, what we know is right. 

 I remember a great sermon years ago by a great man.   The sermon was called "The Absolute Truth", the jist of the sermon was how there are certain truths, and just because man says something different, that  does not change and cannot change "Absolute Truths".   For many years it was taught the world was flat,  now matter how many thought it was flat, it did not change.  In the article they compared a watch that was found.  It was found far away from where it was made, but that fact did not change the fact of where it was really made.  That is how it is today.  There are Absolute Truths, and no matter how badly or how many want them to change, they will not.  

Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God,  that truth will never change.  Can two men get married, yes they can, but that union will not be ordained of God, no matter how much man or the law of the land states it to be.  God's ways are not always easy to understand, but when we follow them we receive the blessings.  Can two men that get married be happy?  They probably can, but that does not make it right in God's eyes.   

I personally believe that two men  or two women can really deeply love each other.  What a wonderful thing.  But even more wonderful is when two men or two women can love each other and keep it within the boundaries God has established and condoned.   I by no means want to judge someone for loving someone else and desiring to express that love by a commitment of marriage.  Agency is a great gift that God has given, but I am deeply touched by men and women who have those same desires and choose to do the hard thing; follow the teachings of the Savior. It is easy to follow the teachings and ways of man.  The true test come when we follow God's teachings, even at great personal sacrifice and discomfort.  

Christ is our perfect example in all things.  He wants us to be loving and kind and accepting of everyone,  but we cannot confuse acceptance with that of changing our standards of things we know to be Absolute Truths.  We can hold fast to the truth and still be loving and understanding of trials others are experiencing.  

I personally know men who struggle deeply with Same Gender Attraction.  I am touched and amazed at how they, with great difficulty and personal sacrifice choose to follow the Savior.  I admire their personal courage and commitment in doing what they know is right, even when with all their hearts they want to do differently.  I love them and when I am around them I feel the Savior's love for them.

One of the greatest things the Savior has taught by his example is that the Human heart has the unlimited power to love. There are no borders or boundaries on how many or how deeply we can love others.  Man puts restrictions and rules that are not in harmony to His teachings.  The only rule he gives is to "keep my commandments", in this there is safety and peace.  Laws may change, man's opinion may change,  but the Absolute Truth is that God's teachings do not change and when we follow Him and keep His commandments, no matter how hard they may seem, we are blessed and live in peace and happiness.

I love this picture. I want to be like Him in all I do, especially in how I understand others and respond to the burdens they carry.   


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  1. What a beautiful and moving painting, made even more meaningful by your insightful comments on the Savior's expansive compassion, true friendship, and deep understanding of the struggles and joys of men in particular.

    And men need and deserve safe places to express their tender and vulnerable feelings, and to know that it's not only ok to have them, but that these feelings are also part of their divine nature.