Friday, April 15, 2016

The Lord is Between Me and Thee

  I love the story of Jonathan and David in the bible.  It is a story that gives me so much joy and insight on the wonderful relationships that men can enjoy between each other.   It is a perfect example of two men that loved each other and supported each other at all cost.

      Recently I was doing some research on the topic.  It was interesting to read insights from different persons and faiths on the story of Jonathan and David.  One of the most interesting was the strong opinion  that the relationship between Jonathan and David was a sexual relationship.  As I have read and re read this story I can find no evidence in this story that these two men acted in any way contrary to the laws of God, in fact all that I have read  points to the fact that they were covenant men of God.   As I researched their story and lives, I enjoyed the many stories of faith and strength of these two men and I enjoyed learning new things about them and their complete dedication to each other.

      Jonathan was to be the King.  It was his birthright and he was raised and trained to be the King.  His father Saul was the king and he was raised as a Prince, a powerful man.   The thing I love about Jonathan is his love and devotion to David.  God appointed David to be king and Jonathan never questioned this or was jealous of David.   In fact he saved David's life on many occasions to the very peril of his own life.  He went against his father the King to protect David many times and was always there for him to encourage him and be believed in him and he believed in his ability to be the king.  And most important he supported what he believed God had ordained.

     On David's side he should have been envious of Jonathan.  A Prince, born to be king, having lived in luxury  and good all his day's,  but David was never threatened by Jonathan,  he loved him and honored him and knew and acknowledged what Jonathan gave up to support him.  He promised Jonathan to care for he children and posterity for ever, a promise that he kept.  David was a shepherd boy and never dreamed that God would call him to be the King.  Can you imagine the conflict that could have been there between these two men, born in totally different circumstances and brought together,  it could have been a disaster, but due to the fact these were covenant men it was a great blessing for both of them.

      I love the sweet scriptures that explain the deep love they had for each other.  Clearly the scriptures captures this deep meaningful love between these two men.  The scriptures explains that their souls were knit together as one.  That is a very powerful description of two men loving each other.  Who could not weep when David explains his love for Jonathan was sweeter than his love for women.  And we know that David loved women.  I weep when I read this story and yearn for more intimate deep relationships in my life like the one these men had

     This story is one of beauty and depth.   I have found great comfort in this story as I have pondered men and how they can love each other.    I have gained great confidence in knowing that men can love each other without limits that today's world places on them.   This story clearly defines that men can love deeply without reservations.  It clearly teaches us that men can support, sustain, and protect each other.  It teaches that married men can have strong, healthy relationships with their friends that exceeds the norm.  It teaches that men can have meaningful soul binding friendships that have a sweetness different then the love a man feels for his wife, but at the same time enjoy that union as well.

     The most profound lesson I have learned from this story is the key in developing deep meaningful relationships with men.  I have read this story many times and it was just recently that I discovered this key.   It has become my new standard in developing friendships and in teaching other men how to develop relationships with each other.  Jonathan told David on several occasions "The Lord is between me and thee".   That is the key,  when we put the Lord in the middle of our friendships they have no chance for failure in anyway.

     That is now my standard,  Placing the Lord between me and friends.  How can one go wrong?  I look at the success of Jonathan and David's friendship and realize that the reason they had such success is that the Lord was between these covenant men and because of that they protected, lookout for, and loved each other in such a way as to bring awe and joy and a new level of understanding to relationships men can have with each other thousands of years after they lived and loved each other.  Thank you Jonathan and David for your example of just how deeply one man can and should love another man.

The Lord is between me and thee.

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