Monday, August 29, 2016

The ManKind Project~Helping Men Grow Up

This past year has been a really busy one for me.   I have been running all over teaching and enjoying the great adventure of life.  In May of this year I had the amazing privilege of going through the ManKind Project in Prescott Az.

The ManKind Project is an international organization designed to help men grow up.  It's purpose is to help men be better husbands, fathers, employees, companions, friends,  neighbors, and citizens.

I was nervous about the entire weekend and filled with dread and anticipation about it.  Friends recommended, highly recommended it and something just told me I needed to go.  I signed up six months before the actually weekend and before I knew it I was there.

I was intriged by what I was told and by the web site they have that talks about the weekend.  I was, I have to admit really scared about going.  The weekend was filled with strong macho men, the type that always have made me nervous to be around.  Not that I have anything against that type of man, but that I have always felt less of myself around strong got it together men.  So I was terrified.

They don't tell you much about the weekend.  They want you to come without any preconceived notions about what goes on so they ask those that have been before not to share to much.  So I really had no idea what was going to happen other than there would be some processes to help me be a better person.

I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life.   I really am frustrated that I had to wait so long for that type of experience to actually happen to me.   It was beyond anything I could have imagined on my  own.  Filled with fun, work, and the opportunity to get to know some absolutely amazing men and in the process I learned so much about myself.

I learned that as a man I am just like most men.  Struggling with life, trying to make sense of  the journey, doing my best, which is most often not that great.  I learned that those macho men that scare me are great men just like me trying to do the best they can.  Often times men, me included, create masks to hide what is really going on inside.   We do that to protect ourselves from being hurt or beat up.

I learned that each of use are facing difficult challenges, from work to home,  being a dad to being a man in today's world.  From serving the community to making our marriages work better,  from gender identity to building meaningfull relationships with those around us.   Each man is on a journey.

The Mankind Project really opened up my eyes to life and the journey we are each on and just how important it is to learn how to deal with our past, present, and future in way that we can be the best in all  area of our lives.

With all my heart I Love the ManKind Project.  Since my Warrior Weekend Experience,  I have learned so much about me.  And I have to say the most important thing I have gained is the affirmation that I am a good man.   Sounds funny, but my life time struggle has been believing that I have value and worth.  The ManKind Project in it's amazing way has opened up a door for me that I have looked for my entire life,  Understanding my Worth and more important learning how to use the worth that  I have to be a better husband, father, friend, man of faith, employee, person, and man.

I like most men,  have a long way to go on my journey of being a Man, but with the things I am learning from the Mankind Project, for the first time in my life I see hope and in the hope I am finding greater joy in my relationships.  My marriage is growing stronger,  I am seeing hope for my career, and I am enjoying the newfound friendships that encourage me and help me see who I really am and I have to say I like what I am seeing.

Men don't wait to long to discover your real potential.  It's time to grow up.  Find out if the ManKind Project might just what you need in our life.

For me, it came just when I needed it and I cannot express the fullness and joy I am experiencing in life because of the tools I have learned to help me deal with the life.  It's a journey, but we don't have to do it along and without understanding.

The ManKind Projects offers weekend experiences that are called The New Warrior Training Adventure.  They are all over the world.  You can go to to learn more.  I highly recommend the New Warrior Training Weekend to any man who just wants to be better and connect with other men who are on the same journey of being a good man in today's world.  It's a life changing adventure.

If you know a man or are a man that needs to grow up,  take a good look at the ManKind Project.  It might be just what is needed.  

Black Panther

PS  The next New Warrior Training for Arizona is in October of this year.  You don't have to live in Arizona to come to the this one, and  I am serving on staff.  Sign up, only 32 men are allowed on each weekend.  If you have any questions let me know.

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